Monday, December 19, 2011

Rammstein - Made in Germany 1995 - 2011

As Rammstein celebrates the release of their first retrospective album, Made in Germany 1995 - 2011, guitarist Paul Landers hints at what fans can expect from the stage savvy band's forthcoming North American tour, which stops at Philips Arena on April 23.

"It's always a major challenge for us to build a new show," explains Landers. "It starts with a tiny crew and ends up with 23 trucks. We do try to keep it minimal, but it always becomes more rather than less.  It's not our fault, we're natural show-offs."

Rammstein has become known the world over for their incendiary and decadent live performances. Fans by the tens of thousands regularly fill arenas and stadiums to take part in what is a wholly unique experience that blends the band's bombastic music with a pyrotechnic-laden, rock music wonderland. The Los Angeles Times smartly described a Rammstein show as "... epic stagecraft on a Wagnerian scale, several notches up from most arena rock." 

Rammstein brings their unpredictable, crazy, creative live performance to Philips Arena on April 23. Here's a glimpse of Rammstein's live performances and the full tour dates for the Made in Germany 2012 tour:

Tickets to the April 23 performance at Philips Arena are available HERE!

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