Monday, May 19, 2008

Months after the Torino Olympic Games some of the world’s finest entertained Philips Arena patrons on the Champions on Ice Tour on May 20, 2006. Among those showcasing their best triple axels and leg wrap jumps were Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen, Evgency Plushenko, Johnny Weir, Stephane Lambiel, Victor Petrenko, Rudy, Galindo, and Surya Bonaly. With over ten Olympic medals and many more prestigious titles among them, the skaters performed exciting acts that had the crowd captivated. Champions on Ice has been a tradition since its inception in 1969 that provides a unique opportunity to see the skaters perform in a non-competitive setting.

Monday, May 12, 2008

This Week in History

On May 11, 2001, Bon Jovi rockers Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan, and Tico Torres entertained Philips Arena fans with an energetic lineup featuring many of their hits off their newest album “Crush”. While the group peaked in the 1980s, American Idol theme nights and more youthful releases have helped Bon Jovi capture a younger fan base in the past few years. With nine of their ten albums achieving platinum status, it is no wonder why these rockers have “Runaway” with innumerable accolades. Favorites “You Give Love a Bad Name”, “Livin’ on a Prayer”, “Bad Medicine”, and “I’ll Be There For You” have all won number one status on the Billboard Hot 100.

Bon Jovi recently made a stop in Atlanta on his Lost Highway tour with good friend Daughtry. They rocked out at Philips Arena on April 30 and May 1….where you there? Please feel free to post your comments on the show!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This Week in History

Metro Spring JAMboree has held their annual exhibition at Philips Arena the first weekend in May for the past 5 years. The JAMboree is the largest high school marching band event in the South. Marching bands from around the metro area showed off synchronized choreography and musical prowess, epitomizing the definition of school spirit. Martin Luther King High School’s Lions walked away with the grand prize in 2006, though every year it is a highly contested event.