Thursday, December 15, 2011

Introducing RED

We are thrilled to announce the plans for our first-of-its kind new restaurant – RED! In collaboration with The Johnson Studio, Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, and Levy Restaurants, the new $2-million restaurant will be open for Hawks games and other events in February 2012. Three key design elements were incorporated to make RED’s dining experience unique to Atlanta and to the arena and stadium industry at large. They include:
·         Tiered level seating within the restaurant and bar space allowing for optimal visibility of the court from inside
·         Terraced sit-down dining accommodations within the Arena seating bowl providing for a premium view of the action on the floor
·         A centrally located show kitchen for guests to enjoy the excitement of chefs preparing meals
“The restaurant sort of evolved from what we realized was a growing need for a sit down dining experience for our nonpremium customers,” said Ailey Penningroth, vice president, brand strategy and corporate communications, Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena. Penningroth explained that client feedback was the motivation to start thinking about creating a new dining experience. 

The Johnson Studio, a local design firm, is designing the 250-seat, 10,000-sq.-ft. space, which used to be occupied by a restaurant called Headlines Bar and Grill. While many venues provide loge seating, the new restaurant will feature the three key design features mentioned above to accommodate our guests. We removed seven rows of regular seating, or 400 seats, in order to make room for the restaurant.

 The menu will feature some venue favorites as well as new items. “There are probably only 30 percent of the items that you would find elsewhere in the venue. We wanted to create a menu that was appealing to a broad range of people, because when you’ve got 20,000 guests, you’ve got a lot of tastes and palates,” said Penningroth. “We wanted this to be inviting to everybody. Everyone from a couple going out on a date to a family coming out with their kids, to a businessperson bringing a client.” Some signature items include a crab cake BLT, lollipop chicken wings, a signature burger, and pizza. 
RED will open 90 minutes before Hawks games, concerts, and other events, and we plan to keep the restaurant open an hour to 90 minutes after events close, depending on traffic.  

Have a menu suggestion? Leave us a comment with your ideas!

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