Thursday, May 17, 2012

Roger Waters - The Wall

You've seen the pictures, watched the video clips, and read the reviews all confirming that Roger Water's The Wall tour is a masterpiece production not to be missed. But do you know what goes into this amazing production? Here's some facts for you:

  • The Wall is 240' wide, 35'6" high, and 18" deep
  • There are 424 bricks in the wall
  • 3,000 bricks will be used for the US and European tour (all bricks are made from recycled sources and will be re-recycled after use)
  • The tour has 12 touring crew building the wall and 8 local crew assisting
  • It takes 45 minutes to build the wall
  • The tour has 21 trucks
  • Length of all electric cables including lighting and sound and power is over 100,000' (almost 20 miles!)
  • The tour uses 23 projectors (see video clip below)

 Tickets are still available for the June 13 performance here at Philips Arena.  

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