Monday, November 29, 2010

This Week in History

Last year on November 29th, Miley Cyrus performed live at Philips Arena. Her Wonderful World Tour promoted her albums, Breakout and Time of Our Lives.

Ticketmaster used Miley's tour as a huge experiment in paperless ticketing. This went into effect to try to limit the amount of ticket scalping. As a part of an "official paperless tour," all tickets were sold through paperless ticket delivery. This meant that all fans attending the show were not given a physical ticket to enter Philips Arena or other venues. Instead, fans were required to bring the credit card the tickets were purchased with along with a photo ID. Then, at the doors, fans recieved a seat locater slip telling where to sit.

Also trying the paperless tour is Justin Bieber's My World Tour. Some paperless tickets were issued for Bieber's stop at Philips Arena on December 23rd.

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