Monday, July 19, 2010

This Week in History

On July 24th and 25th of 2004 the pop icon, Madonna performed two sold out shows during her Re-Invention Tour. This tour was Madonna's sixth of her career in support of her ninth studio album. The Re-Invention Tour was inspired by an art installation Madonna had taken part in called X-STaTIC PRo=CeSSwhich was directed by Steven Klein. Some of the images from this installation were incorporated into the tour.

The tour was divided into five segments including French Baroque-Marie Antoinette Revival, Military-Army, Circus-Cabaret, Acoustic, and Scottish-Tribal. This tour proved to be a commercial success for Madonna as tickets were sold out as soon as dates and venues for the tour were announced. By the end of the tour Madonna's Re-Invention was named the highest grossing tour of 2004, earning $125 million from 56 shows with 900,000 fans.

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