Monday, March 15, 2010

This Week in History

On March 18, 2003 Country Music Star Tim McGraw performed at Philips Arena. McGraw and his tour band, The Dancehall Doctors, played songs from their latest self-titled album. Real Good Man, She’s My Kind of Rain, and Red Ragtop were just a few hits from the set list.

McGraw used this tour as an opportunity to raise money for the Red Cross chapter in each city he visited. He donated $0.50 from each ticket sold through his website, and 100% of proceeds from the sale of his Tim McGraw / American Red Cross t-shirt sold during the show.

“We are living in a time where people need to stick together and help one another," McGraw said in a statement. "We need to be prepared for any crisis that might present itself and we need to do our part in banding together," he added. "It gives me a tremendous amount of comfort to know that the monies that we raise will go towards a great organization like the American Red Cross, that provides so much, for so many, around this country and around the globe."

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