Monday, October 13, 2008

This Week in History

For the second time in 2000, Philips Arena welcomed Tina Turner to the stage on October 14, 2000. This 2000 “Twenty Four Seven Tour” was named the highest growing tour of 2000 by Pollstar Magazine, and is the fifth highest grossing tour in America ever. The “Queen of Rock and Roll” has earned 8 Grammy Awards, 7 Billboard Top 10 Singles, and 16 US Top R&B Singles. She is also on the Rolling Stone’s list The Immortals—The Greatest Artists of All Time. In addition, Tina Turner holds the record for most concert tickets sold by a solo performer ever.

Where you there when Tina took the stage? Tell us about the show!!! Better yet be here to see her return to Philips Arena on November 9 and 10! Get your tickets now at

Check out this live footage from the beginning of Tina Turner's North American Tour....

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